A Prayer for Gladness for the New Year

Lord, we desire to be a people marked by gladness. Both for our own hearts because that’s what you created  us for - to be glad in worship of you - and for those that we come into contact with who have yet to place their faith in Christ, who have doubts about the veracity of your word, and the truthfulness of your presence.

We pray that our gladness would be a witness. It would testify to your goodness. It would testify to the way that you satisfy us with your steadfast love.

God, would you satisfy us this morning?

We confess that every time we sin, every time we go astray, we are  seeking satisfaction in something else. We know that we will continue to fall. But we pray for your grace to prevail. We pray that we would not only pursue you, but prefer you, that the emptiness of sin would be shown for what it is, that you would satisfy us with your steadfast love.

We pray that you would bless this year, for our people, for our church, and for the sake of the city of Bellevue. We pray that we would see many people come to find their satisfaction in you as a result of the ministry of this church. We pray this all in your mighty name, Amen.